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Cheer Glass Candle


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A memory in a fragrance. Inspired by holiday festivities, the clink of glasses, large gatherings of family and friends. The sounds of laughter and the scents of orange, cinnamon, and clove fill the air, and I feel excited and joyous.

This is CHEER.

Red Aventurine crystal inspires creativity and enthusiasm while cinnamon bark and clove bud essential oils enhance mood and manage stress.

Therapeutic Essential Oils • Premium Fragrance Oil • Dr. Developed • Phthalate Free • Paraben Free • Cruelty-Free • Vegan • Made in the USA

Every hand-poured candle is made with a proprietary all natural coconut wax blend and scented with essential and natural fragrance oils. Our 100% cotton wicks provide a clean, nontoxic burn and last up to 80-hours. Each candle is poured into a 14-oz double-rocks glass vessel that can be reused as barware and includes a luxurious gold candle cover and box of wooden matches.

Candle Care

  • For the best burn allow the melt pool to reach the walls of the vessel at every use.

  • Trim the wick to ⅛-¼” before every burn, or when the wick “mushrooms”.

  • For an even burn keep your lit candle away from moving air.

  • When your candle has ½” wax remaining, repurpose your glass and enjoy your crystals.


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