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Lava and Boar Bar


Lightweight, hardened lava foam with boar hair brush to gently slough off tough, dry and dead skin cells from the feet plus clean under nails.

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This Lava and Boar Bar from Nash | Jones is a great travel friendly tool to keep hands & feet looking their best between manicure & pedicure appointments.

Lightweight, hardened lava foam to gently slough off tough, dry and dead skin cells from the feet.

Regular use of a pumice stone 2-3 times a week improves the appearance of the skin and relieves discomfort caused by corns and calluses, as the build up on your feet compromises the skin’s ability to function optimally.

How To Use

Use a pumice stone by gently applying light pressure and rub in the same direction to remove the outermost layer of dead skin cells. Use brush to clear skin.  Be sure to finish by hydrating.


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