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April 2021

Spring is officially in the air and we have had a couple of gorgeous weather days to prove it! Since the clocks sprung forward I’ve been taking a moment to breathe in each sunset & extra few minutes of evening light. This time of year welcomes so much renewal.

As a company, we have started to see business head towards more of the growth pattern we are used to, pre-COVID. The next few weeks are typically Spring Break for schools & we have already seen a number of visitors to our beautiful beach town. We have been steadily busy accommodating as many guests as we can under the guidelines set forth by the governor. In anticipation of some capacity restrictions being lifted, as many other states are beginning to implement, we are starting to hire new team members for peak season. As we safely open our doors a little more, please join us in welcoming them to our team! We are actively hiring additional massage therapists, so please send any potential candidates our way. We offer some incredible benefits including employer contributing 401k, health care reimbursement, and many more – we would love the opportunity to meet some new like minded individuals.

While we work to begin their training, please plan your spa services in advance whenever possible. We want to ensure that all visitors & our local community are able to join us at a time that most suits your schedule. In order to best accommodate your requests, please try to reach out to us as soon as you can.

In addition to enjoying any number of our Spring featured treatments, be sure to take some time for personal renewal at home. Whether it’s taking a few minutes out of your day to journal or read, we think quiet time is essential.

Consider investing in one of our many spiritual or oracle card decks. These are a great guidance tool to channel an mental road blocks or buzzing energies. Some of our favorites include The Universe Has Your Back or Spirit Junkie by Gabrielle Bernstein or Rebecca Campbell’s decks, Work Your Light & The Starseed Oracle. Trust us, we have a card deck for EVERYBODY. Come in & see us, we’ll help you choose the best one for you in this season of life.

Make sure you’re getting your rest! Time changes tend to mess with some people’s sleep schedules. You can’t focus on growth or refreshing your spirit if your flat out exhausted. Try powering down from your electronics at least 30-minutes prior to laying down. There are thing you can do during the day to help you fall asleep faster & stay asleep throughout the night – keep up on your water intake, as dehydration leads to poor sleep patterns. Try to carve out 30 minutes of intentional movement everyday to reduce cortisol levels – exercise also helps reduce daytime sleepiness, resulting more optimal sleep at night. If you still catch yourself missing some Z’s, my favorite thing to supplement right now are the Sleepy Z’s Gummies from Green Roads. A natural combination of low dose CBD & melatonin for a peaceful drift into sleep, without grogginess in the morning!

Are you a person who sleeps just fine at night, but still needs some sort of midday pick-me-up? As much as I love my Rise Up Coffee, we have other options to help too! Need energy without the jitters? Try the B12 Awake, plant-based patches from The Good Patch. Having a stressful work day? Slap on a Be Calm, hemp-infused patch for relief within 20 minutes.

So, whether or not you experience this time of year as one of spiritual re-birth, a time of re-awakening from a winter slumber, or simply a refreshing gift of change, take some time this month to transition yourself into a new season. Look forward towards growth. Be hopeful. Enjoy the flowers. Happy Spring.

xoxo, Jess


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