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“Using Positive Affirmations as Part of Your Morning Routine”

The first few hours after I wake up determines how the rest of my day goes. Establishing and sticking with it has helped me stay focused and positive throughout the day. Creating a practice where you start your day by doing, thinking, or saying something positive is excellent to help shift your focus.   I… Read more »

“4 Tips on How to Spice up your Relationship Regardless of your Age”

I’m not a relationship expert. After 29 years of marriage, I know the only secret is that relationships require consistent effort. It’s not uncommon to become stuck in a rut regarding romance. Whether you have young children at home or are experiencing an empty nest, hormonal changes, work pressure, and emotional exhaustion can cause our… Read more »

“Tips for a Healthy Face Wash” with Wear the Damn Boots

Tips for a Healthy Face Wash It seems like a no-brainer; washing your face is one of the most basic elements of any skincare routine, but it’s easy to slack off and skip some steps. It’s essential to be intentional because it lays the foundation for your entire skincare regimen. Cleaning your skin is essential… Read more »

Kombucha Skin Care For Luminous Skin

Written by: Thea Christie of Eminence Organic Skin Care If you’re noticing breakouts, dry patches, dull skin or redness, your skin microbiome could be to blame. After all, a microbiome that’s out of balance compromises the skin barrier which, in turn, results in a struggling complexion. So, what exactly is the skin microbiome? This invisible layer… Read more »

Summer Beauty Products by Wear The Damn Boots

4 Beauty Products I’m Loving Right Now For most of us, summer means carefree fun in the sun. But the reality is that hot weather, humidity, and extra sun exposure can result in sweat, clogged pores, sunburns, and dark spots if you aren’t protecting your skin daily. Read on to discover my favorite products to… Read more »

“Clean Skincare Routine” by Wear The Damn Boots

One of our amazing clients & friends, Lisa, operates an incredible lifestyle blog called Wear The Damn Boots. She recently shared her thoughts on Eminence Organic Skin Care & her experience at our spa… “Clean Skincare Routine in My 50s As I approached my 50s, I noticed several skin care concerns. The fine wrinkles that… Read more »

March 2022

I love March. Sure, it starts as another month of winter but it’s truly the final month of winter. March brings the beginning of Spring – the hope of warmer weather just around the corner. Everything is new. New businesses opening up. New products & collections being launched. New life & growth in nature. I… Read more »

January 2022

This New Year, when talking to friends, family & clients I noticed a common thread between everyone’s resolutions – a commitment to self care. Everyone wants to drink more water. Eat better. Take time for solitude & recovery. Exercise. Think & speak better of oneself. This commitment to self is so beautiful. And it’s truly… Read more »

November 2021

The holiday season is here! It seems like Christmas exploded onto the market the day after Halloween this year. Typically the planner in me would be embracing it, but this year I am always finding myself a step behind. Whether it’s navigating our post-COVID world or simply that I can’t catch up, I’m choosing to… Read more »

October 2021

Happy October! The spa has been so incredibly busy over the last few weeks that I wasn’t able to organize my thoughts enough for my typical monthly blog. Instead here are just a few updates & things to consider this month. This time of year we usually see Rehoboth Beach begin to settle down during… Read more »


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