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April 2021

Spring is officially in the air and we have had a couple of gorgeous weather days to prove it! Since the clocks sprung forward I’ve been taking a moment to breathe in each sunset & extra few minutes of evening light. This time of year welcomes so much renewal. As a company, we have started… Read more »

March 2021

We know that an entire world of people buy into diet culture. All sources of media flood our lives with the concept of thin. There’s people out there whose job it is to preach that beauty is reserved for those who are model-like. We are not those people. Since our opening over twenty years ago… Read more »

February 2021

Every single one of us experiences stress in our lives. Whether work-related, financial, familial, health-related or otherwise – we all have stressors we carry around with us. Navigating stress can be daunting as it often seeps into many aspects of our lives. For women, we often notice that our stress directly impacts our romantic lives…. Read more »

Happy New Year!

If I’m being honest, I had never been more excited for New Years Eve than I was on December 31, 2019. We hosted a huge 1920’s themed party – costumes, decorations, champagne from old-fashioned coupe glasses. While we wanted to party like Gatsby, we surely didn’t anticipate the worldwide health crisis & all out economic… Read more »


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