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January 2022

This New Year, when talking to friends, family & clients I noticed a common thread between everyone’s resolutions – a commitment to self care. Everyone wants to drink more water. Eat better. Take time for solitude & recovery. Exercise. Think & speak better of oneself.

This commitment to self is so beautiful. And it’s truly needed right now more than ever.

Perhaps my favorite part of these goals is that they are all small, attainable achievements for a happier, healthier you. No one is claiming some large impossible change. Self care certainly can be lavish & exuberant, but it doesn’t have to be. It just has to be personal.

Self care shouldn’t be limited to a weekend activity. Self care isn’t just an excuse to treat yo’self.

Taking care of yourself is your ultimate responsibility. It needs to be practiced. Lived.

I’ve spent this first week of January reflecting on self care practices as a concept & comparing them to the actual self care acts that truly help me feel better.

For me it starts with the acknowledgement – how do I feel right now? Writing it down. Why do I feel this way? Just taking a few minutes to get the thoughts out of my head & onto a piece of paper helps me to distinguish the reality of it all from my emotions. This act of journaling is so informal that I don’t let it stand in my way. Because there is no wrong way.

Once I can target how I’m feeling, it’s much easier for me to determine how best to feed my mind, body or spirit. Sometimes it’s a really hot soak with a CBD bath bomb. Maybe I need to sweat for 20 minutes, so I do some Pilates. Other times I realize that I haven’t eaten & I need to focus on nourishing my body.

I like to read. I like to connect with friends. I like naps with my dogs. I like to organize things.

What are things that you like to do? How can you use those things to calm down? How can you bring that fire back into your spirit?

Make a mental self-check list. Is there one thing you can do every day to feel more comforted? Is there a slightly more involved thing that you can plan once a week? Is there something grand that you’ve been denying yourself that you could indulge in maybe once a month or once a quarter?

Nothing will happen unless you plan for it. Nothing will change unless you practice. Self care is a tool you can use to strengthen your mental & physical health.

We’re in the business of self care. We’re here to help you achieve those goals. To teach you better practices. To guide you in your wellness journey. Whether it’s something you can find in our apothecary or a spa service to kick start a routine, join us in developing your self care skills this year.

2022 doesn’t have to be as hard as 2021 or 2020. Despite everything, it can still be the year of YOU.

xoxo, Jess


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