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Conscious Coconut Grab & Go Box



100% USDA Organic, Fair Trade Certified™, Virgin, Cold-Pressed Coconut Oil in 5 Travel Packets (7.5 mL each).

5 Travel-Ready Coconut Oil Packets created with love in a box for use at home or on-the-go to always keep your coconut oil on hand!

What Makes Conscious Coconut Different?

We’re more than just a pretty packet!

✔️ Fair Trade Certified

✔️ USDA Organic Certified

✔️ 4x the Antioxidants of Average Coconut Oil

✔️ Cold-Pressed, Small Batch & Virgin

✔️ Sustainably Packaged

✔️ Packaged by Mental & Developmentally Disabled Adult

✔️ Your Purchase Donates TWO Meals to Children in Need Through Feeding America!

How To Use

Use the same packet to remove makeup, shave your legs, moisturize head to toe, prevent scars & sunspots. It’s basically a little miracle for the modern world! Please see Our Coconut Oil page for coconut oil uses, benefits & more

Coconut oil liquefies at 76 degrees and is solid at room temperature. If you find your packet solidified, warm oil in your hands or run packet under warm water.

*Disclaimer: There is new research conducted daily, but please remember that coconut oil is not a drug and the FDA hasn’t evaluated the extensive uses and healing properties we’ve written here. Conscious Coconut is not intended to diagnose or cure you (that’s what cute doctors are for!)


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