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Passionflower Sleep Tincture


A liquid herbal supplement with Passionflower, traditionally used to promote relaxation and rest.

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Liquid herbal supplement.

A common wildflower in the Southeastern U.S., Passionflower was used by 19th century Eclectic Medicine practitioners to promote relaxation and rest.

Best if used within 3 years of purchase.

1.7 oz

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How To Use

Shake well before using. Add up to 40 drops to water, juice or tea.

Key Ingredients

Passionflower: Traditionally used by herbalists in Mexico, Central America and Texas as a calming herb for anxiety, nervousness and insomnia.

Ashwagandha Root: Used in Ayurvedic Medicine for over 3,000 years to promote vitality, now this adaptogenic herb works synergistically to help increase the body’s resistance to stress by modulating stress hormones such as cortisol that may play a role in sleep quality.

Valerian Root: Traditionally used as a sedative herb to ease symptoms of insomnia, anxiety and nervous tension. This herb is approved by German Commission E to support healthy sleep.

Allergy Information

Gluten-Free & Vegan


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